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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elm lifestyle clothing?

Elm Lifestyle Clothing : Official Site Ladies Clothing Australia + New Zealand – Elm’s brand mission is simple – Effortless, Everyday, Style. Your dream wardrobe starts with the Fundamentals.

Who are the best elm stockists in Australia?

Fudge are preferred stockists of Elm in Australia with a great range of Elm Clothing featuring their trade mark simple clean lines and punchy pops of colour making effortless wardrobe choices at a regular price, easy. Fudge stock the latest Elm for the modern Australian woman...

What is the Elm brand?

Designed in the relaxed coastal Victorian town of Ocean Grove, Elm’s brand mission is simple – Effortless, Everyday, Style. Elm has an emphasis on flattering all body types so appeals to a broader captive market and has a more timeless fashionability.

What makes Elm unique?

Elm's quirky approach to effortless collections has made it a favourite of boutiques and homeware stores around Australia and New Zealand.

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