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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Elk clothing made?

Established in 2004 Elk the Label (or as many call it, Elk Clothing), is proudly based in Melbourne, Australia. The label designs original, contemporary fashion, accessories, hand crafted leather goods and footwear. "Elk is undeniably Australian.

Why shop with elk?

Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or a seasonal update, our contemporary collection of clothing offers a complete wardrobe solution and works perfectly with our extensive collection of ELK jewellery, footwear and leather accessories. Shop ELK’s clothing range and enjoy express shipping worldwide.

What is Elk the label?

ELK the Label is heralded as one of the pioneers for independent Australian design labels. Starting off in Melbourne, Australia in 2004, ELK clothing now has a global presence in more than 10 countries. ELK the Label collections tend to stick with natural hues and use raw materials sourced from all over the world.

What is elelk clothing?

ELK clothing has created a collection of slow fashion that is embraced by discerning women the world over, of all ages.

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