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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dunno stand for?

Dunno, or Know-Nothing or Ignoramus ( Russian: Незнайка, Neznayka that is Don'tknowka (ka - the Russian suffix here for drawing up the whole name in a cheerful form); from the Russian phrase " не знаю " (" ne znayu "), don't know) is a character created by Soviet children's writer Nikolay Nosov.

What is the meaning of dundun no?

dun·​no | \də-ˈnō\. informal. —used in writing to represent the sound of the phrase (I) don't know when it is spoken quickly “What I wanted to ask about,” Roy said, “is you and your mom.

Where did the idea of Dunno come from?

The idea of the character comes from the books of Palmer Cox. Dunno, recognized by his bright blue hat, canary-yellow trousers, orange shirt, and green tie, is the title character of Nosov's trilogy, The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends (1954), Dunno in Sun City (1958), and Dunno on the Moon (1966).

What does Dunno mean in flower town dwellers?

Flower Town Dwellers. Dunno (Незнайка, from Russian "не знаю", "I don't know") - the title character of the trilogy and the most infamous personality in Flower City. As an anti-hero, this boy-shorty is both ignorant, lazy, rude, and conceited and at the same time curious, kind, enterprising, and unbelievably lucky.

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