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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tires in Dunn NC?

Dunn Tire (formerly Auto Parts and Tire Warehouse) has been in business for over 66 years offering automotive repair services and tire sales and service. You can find us at 101 West Divine Street, Dunn, NC.

What is your experience with drivedunn tires?

Dunn tire does not stand by their product as they claim. Spent $650 on tires less than a year and a half ago and they are garbage, won't pass inspection. We drive about 15,000 miles a year with normal road conditions. Have rotations done regularly. Employees we dealt with were rude and less than helpful.

What is the waiting room at Dunn Tire like?

The waiting room is also very comfortable with complimentary coffee, nice air conditioning, and a soda machine. My wife and I came in with a flat tire at about 1 PM, after being completely denied by 2 other Dunn tire locations. I had a nail right in the middle of the tire, a simple plug was only needed.

Can You Help Me with a Dunn dozen in Lockport?

The Lockport location said "We can only help you on Monday". I told them I had already been to 2 other locations, had to keep filling air, etc. The DUNN DOZEN is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD. I had to threaten to call corporate for them to agree to fix the tire (a 2 minute fix).

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