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Frequently Asked Questions

When did drown by Bring Me the horizon come out?

"Drown" is a song by the British rock band Bring Me the Horizon released on 21 October 2014. Originally released as a stand-alone single, a remixed version features on the band's fifth studio album That's the Spirit and was released as the lead single. The track, musically, marks a shift away from the band's previously established metalcore sound.

Who are Bring Me the horizon?

Bring Me the Horizon are a British metal band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Formed in 2004, the group consists of lead vocalist Oliver Sykes, lead guitarist Lee Malia, rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen, bassist Matt Kean and drummer Matt Nicholls. They are currently signed to RCA Records globally and Epitaph Records exclusively in the US.

What is the meaning of Don't Let Me Drown?

General Comment I think people are right to say that it's about Oli's struggle with depression and addiction, but it's also about crawling out of it. "Don't let me drown" is the clearest line, since it's in the tense of a command/request. He's asking someone, anyone, to "save him from himself" and "drag him out alive".

What is the meaning of the song Drown by Oli Sykes?

The song is about the expectations in life that can grow too much to bear, and about someone that could take that weight off your shoulders and help you back up. Leading up the release of “Drown,” vocalist Oli Sykes uploaded parts of the lyrics to his Instagram, giving fans a sneak peak of the lyrical content.

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