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Frequently Asked Questions

What is true meaning of Diwali?

The true meaning of Diwali is the celebration of light, making a fresh start, and new beginnings. Many people consider that Diwali marks the start of their new year, enabling them to make plans for a new start, a little like new year’s resolutions. It’s very important just before Diwali that the house is cleaned. It has to be spotless.

What are some interesting facts about Diwali?

🪔 14 Dynamic Facts about Diwali 1. What does Diwali actually mean? Diwali as a word roughly translates to ‘row of lights’. Pretty fitting given how... 2. Diwali crosses many spiritual boundaries. Diwali isn’t just celebrated by followers of the Hindu faith. Those who... 3. There’s no set date for ...

What is Diwali and what does it stand for?

What does the word Diwali mean? Diwali is the Hindu, five-day Festival of Lights that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The word Diwali literally means ‘row of lights’ and originated from the Sanskrit words for lamp ‘dipa’ and row ‘vali’, the festival is also called Deepavali.

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