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Frequently Asked Questions

What does smooth surface caries mean?

Smooth Surface Caries. Smooth surface caries occurs where there is no pit, groove, or other fault on a tooth. It occurs in areas where bacterial plaque collects, such as between teeth, along the gumline, and in difficult-to-clean areas. Smooth Surface Caries.

What are dental caries?

Dental caries are small holes in your teeth. They begin as a demineralization of the tooth surface, and typically lead to the chronic, progressive destruction of your teeth. And they’re super-common!

What is a smooth surface cavity?

A smooth surface cavity may appear on the side or the circumference of a tooth. The good news is, a dental professional can treat this type of cavity and prevent it from growing larger and weakening the tooth structure. Dental professionals categorize cavities according to where they appear on the tooth and their level of decay.

What is the difference between caries and cavities?

The term “cavity” refers to the presence of caries/tooth decay. Dental caries are not the only cause of cavities. A chipped tooth or broken filling can also cause a cavity. What are the types of dental caries?

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