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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I troubleshoot Dell SupportAssist problems?

If you find that SupportAssistant has stopped working, you can try to rename the New-Dell-Logo-White-Small file to fix it. Here is how to do that: Step 1: Open File Explorer and open the Program Files Folder in Local Disk C. Step 2: Select the Dell folder and open the SupportAssistAgent folder.

What is the purpose of Dell SupportAssist?

Dell SupportAssist is an automated and predictive support solution for owners of a a Dell PC or laptop. Moreover, it can be used to evaluate the health of Dell servers, networking and storage devices. The software can be used to find resolutions to the most common hardware and software issues.

How do I install Dell SupportAssist?

Log in to a client computer, and launch the Software center. Click on the Applications tab and select Dell SupportAssist application. To install the application, click the Install button. The Dell Support Assist application is now downloaded from the local distribution point server for installation.

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