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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dell a good computer?

Dell, the Texas company is also the best laptop selling brand. The reputation of the Dell laptops is good due to its best laptop services and due to its featured products. The latest dell models come with touch screen HD displays in thinner and lighter models.

What is the best Dell desktop computer?

These are the best pre-built desktop PCs available now Best overall: Dell XPS Tower 8940 Special Edition. ... Best overall. ... Also great: HP ENVY Desktop. ... Also great. ... Great value: Acer Aspire TC-895. ... Great value. ... Best gaming: HP Omen 30L. ... Best gaming. ... Best all-in-one: HP ENVY 32 AiO. ... Best all-in-one. ... More items...

How do you contact Dell?

Dell offers other contact options on its website, An alternate phone number for the Dell corporate office is (972) 577-0000. Other contact options can be accessed by navigating to and clicking on Contact at the bottom of the home page. Links to contact sales, customer support, and technical support are included.

What stores sell Dell Computers?

Full Answer. Many stores that carry computers and electronics sell Dell products, including Costco, Micro Center, Sears, TigerDirect, CompUSA and Electronic Express. Customers should call the location first to check on product availability, which changes by location, advises Customers can also purchase Dell products online...

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