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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Decemberists?

The Decemberists are an indie folk rock band from Portland, Ore., encompassing every stereotype that overly broad genre from that hipster-ridden town can touch. Over the course of the group’s nearly two decade-long career, they’ve produced quirky songs in an expanse of topics that range from the sentimental to the mundane to the terribly morbid.

What is the best Decemberists song?

Some of the best Decemberists songs are so ambitious, and successful in their ambition, that it’s hard to explain why “On The Bus Mall” is the best song they have. It’s six minutes long, but doesn’t feel it.

Who were the Decembrists?

Russian army officers led about 3,000 soldiers in a protest against Tsar Nicholas I 's assumption of the throne the day before, as his elder brother Constantine had removed himself from the line of succession. Because these events occurred in December, the rebels were called the Decembrists (Russian: Декабристы, romanized: Dekabristy ).

Why is Ellis important to Decemberists?

Beyond being the inspiration for some key Decemberists songs, Ellis is also important to the band’s story as the illustrator behind their album artwork. “Red Right Ankle” still, isn’t a typical love song, and of course a “gypsy uncle” appears, as does a “hideout in the Pyrenees.”

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