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Frequently Asked Questions

What is core temp?

More downloads... Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system!

How do I download core temp Gadget and coretempmc?

You can download Core Temp Gadget and CoreTempMC from the Add Ons page. CoreTempMC is a Windows Media Center add-on for Windows 7 and Vista. It allows you to view information from Core Temp right from the Media Center interface using your remote.

What is RealTemp and how do I use it?

Receive an E-Mail when this download is updated. RealTemp is a temperature monitoring program designed for all Intel single Core, dual Core and quad Core processors. Each core on these processors has a digital thermal sensor (DTS) that reports temperature data relative to TjMax which is the safe maximum operating core temperature for the CPU.

Is corecore temp motherboard agnostic?

Core Temp is also motherboard agnostic. All major processor manufacturers have implemented a "DTS" ( D igital T hermal S ensor) in their products. The DTS provides more accurate and higher resolution temperature readings than conventional onboard thermal sensors. ( How does it work? ). This feature is supported by all recent x86 processors.

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