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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is sumo in Clarence?

Ryan "Sumo" Sumouski is one of the three main protagonists (More as a deuteragonist) in Clarence. He is one of Clarence's best friends. Sumo is a scrappy, streetwise kid who grew up on the right side of the wrong side of the tracks. When problems arise, Sumo's solutions are unorthodox and often messy.

Who is Clarence's best friend?

Sumo - Sumo is Clarence's best friend. The two of them enjoy doing lots of cool and fun stuff together. Sumo can also be a bad influence on him sometimes and he will constantly get them into some trouble, but when Sumo and Clarence work together, they are able to pull themselves out of any sticky situation that they may fall into.

What is sumo's last name?

First being Clarence in "Goose Chase". In "Dream Boat", Sumo's last name was "Sumozski", but however in "Space Race", it is spelled as "Sumouski", while in "Sumo Goes West", his last name is "Sumowski". It is unknown if this is a spelling error.

What episode does Clarence break up?

The Break Up is the 48th episode in Season 1 of Clarence. [1] When Jeff and Sumo vow to stop speaking after an argument, Clarence makes a plan to get the friends back together, but he only aggravates the problem. SPOILER AHEAD!

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