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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sumo tell Chelsea?

Sumo tells Chelsea that he has stories so gross, they'll make her wish she could erase her brain, then Chelsea says that her stories are so gross, they'll melt Sumo's brain, and that's when Clarence gets the idea that they can all tell gross stories for fun, the others agree and Emilio starts first.

Is Chelsea a good girl?

Armed with a morbid sense of humor and blunt honesty, Chelsea is the kind of girl to speak her mind. Her teasing scares Clarence and Jeff but is a soothing balm for Sumo. Chelsea loves creepy and weird things.

Who is Chelsea Baker?

She is a student in Ms. Baker 's class. Chelsea has brown skin and a ginormous bush of dense brown hair. She also has buck teeth with braces, though her front two teeth are fake. She wears a purple turtle neck, a light green skirt (or possibly undershirt), pastel green leggings, and Mary Jane style dark green shoes.

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