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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Clarence in 'Clarry'?

After a marathon of classic sitcom episodes, Clarence becomes stuck as alter-ego "Clarry," an obnoxiously overacting sitcom version of himself. It's up to his friends and family to help him snap out of it, or face life with a new Clarence. Clarence submits a short story into a writing contest.

What adventures does Clarence undertake?

A glimpse at the wild, secret adventures Clarence undertakes each day before the rest of us, and the sun, get up. When Mary and Chad go out for the night, Clarence discovers the risks and rewards of being left in charge. Clarence temporarily loses his vision at school, just before an impromptu competitive eye exam.

How does Clarence become interested in filmmaking?

When Clarence starts to play around with his home video camera, he becomes increasingly drawn into the world of filmmaking. Clarence is in disbelief when he learns his best friend Belson has a new girlfriend named Pipi.

What does Clarence do at a sleepover?

Clarence performs a magic act for some of Aberdale's senior citizens. Clarence plans to throw the sleepover to end all sleepovers with decorations, pillow fights, and games, but there's one thing missing - guests; Clarence wants invite all his friends, but finds that they might need some convincing.

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