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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clarence Clemons the best saxophone player ever?

In the admittedly narrow category of great and revered saxophone players in rock, Clarence Clemons stands supreme. His two-minute solo on ‘Jungleland’, the closing track on ‘Born To Run’, is surely the best sax solo ever, coaxing gracefulness and poetry from an instrument that generally struggles to convey either.

What are the best Bruce Springsteen sax solos?

Clarence Clemons’ Five Best Bruce Springsteen Sax Solos 1 Jungleland. 2 Secret Garden. 3 Born To Run. 4 Bobby Jean. 5 Prove It All Night.

What happened to Clarence Clemons?

Clarence Clemons, legendary saxophonist and the mountain of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, passed away on Saturday after suffering a stroke last week in Florida. He was 69.

Did Bruce Springsteen use Clemons?

While the instrument was a key feature of the bar band scene that birthed Springsteen in the early 70s, it had become deeply anachronistic by the late ’80s – and Springsteen himself would admit that he sometimes struggled to work out exactly how to use Clemons on his records.

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