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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clarence Clemons play solos?

The solo section has basically the same I-I-IV-V progression as the beginning. Throughout his long career with the E Street Band (1972-2011), Clarence Clemons played the “Born to Run” saxophone solo the same way every time. When covering some pop songs, it’s okay or even desired to play your own improvised solo.

Who was Clarence Clemons?

A tribute to Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band sax player Clarence Clemons, who died on June 18 following a stroke suffered a week earlier. In the admittedly narrow category of great and revered saxophone players in rock, Clarence Clemons stands supreme.

What is Bruce Springsteen's statement on Clarence Clemons passing?

Rolling Stone. ^ "Bruce Springsteen's Statement on Clarence Clemons Passing: 'Loss is Immeasurable' ". Billboard. Retrieved June 20, 2011. ^ "June 19, 2011 Setlist". Retrieved December 19, 2015. ^ "Vedder Sings 'Without You' on 'Letterman' ". Rolling Stone. June 21, 2011. Retrieved October 2, 2021.

Who is Seldin Clemons?

Seldin was a Jersey Shore musician/entrepreneur who, as well as playing piano and leading various bands, had his own record label, Selsom Records. In 1969, Clemons had recorded an eponymous album with this band. In 2008, tracks from this album were reissued on an anthology, Asbury Park — Then and Now, put together by Seldin.

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