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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you play Clarence Clemons's solo?

In the case of “Born to Run”, though, you should always play Clarence Clemons’s solo as he played it. Anyone who is at all familiar with the song is familiar with the “Born to Run” saxophone solo; maybe even able to sing it.

Who is Clarence Clemons Jr?

Clarence Anicholas Clemons Jr. was born on January 11, 1942, in Norfolk County, Virginia (later the city of Chesapeake ), the son of fish market owner Clarence Clemons, Sr. and his wife Thelma. He was the oldest of their three children.

What did Bruce Springsteen say about Clemons?

Clemons – known affectionately to fan and friends as the Big Man – was the backbone of the E Street Band. He played on countless Springsteen songs, including “Born To Run,” “Thunder Road,” “Jungleland,” “Dancing In The Dark,” “Badlands” and “The Promised Land.” “He always lifted me up,” Springsteen said in 1999. “Way, way, way up.

What happened to Bruce Clemons?

Clemons suffered a massive stroke on June 12th. While initial signs had been hopeful after his hospitalization and two subsequent brain surgeries, he reportedly took a turn for the worse later in the week. “Clarence lived a wonderful life,” Springsteen said.

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