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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Chillicothe Toyota dealerships located?

Our Chillicothe Toyota dealership welcomes neighbors and friends from Washington Court House, Jackson, Portsmouth and the rest of Ohio.

What are GMC dealerships doing in Chillicothe?

We also support many local organizations within our community including 5 Star Sports, the Accrual-Ross County Fair, Ducks Unlimited, and Ronald McDonald House. Our GMC dealership near Chillicothe can offer our customers a large variety of auto financing options through our even larger network of lenders.

Is Chillicothe truck dealer shady?

This dealer is shady, at best. Low ball trade-in, had nerve to say they were selling a truck UNDER what they bought it for...all lies. Went to another dealer, got my trade what I tried to negotiate with Chillicothe Truck. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM..

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