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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CheapOair a reliable site?

No, cheapoair is not reliable or reputable. Things can go very bad when using any 3rd party site for flights. Your odds for a bad experience will increase when you book with cheapoair. Book directly with the airline.

Where is CheapOair located? is a website that consolidates airfares, hotels and vacation package information from numerous sources. The company is located in New York, New York. Cheapoair is a trade name of the Fareportal Inc.

Is Cheap o air real?

CheapOair. We understand that traveling can be a hassle. With CheapOair, it doesn't have to be. Our site allows travelers to easily access multiple quotes from hundreds of hotels, airlines, cruise lines and car rental companies to ensure that each customer finds a deal that best accommodates their travel needs.

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