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Frequently Asked Questions

Which airlines fly to Miami Florida?

Airlines that fly from Miami to Orlando. Delta, Silver Airways and Spirit Airlines all provide direct flights from Miami to Orlando. Silver Airways and Spirit Airlines both depart from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport whilst Delta flights depart from Miami International Airport.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Miami Florida?

Southwest does not fly to Miami anyway- they do fly to Ft. Lauderdale which is only 30 miles or so north. I fly Southwest all the time and have never had any experience like the poster related. It's my favorite airline by far.

What is the cheapest airport in Florida?

Tampa (Tampa International Airport) That's why it's particularly helpful that the city's international airport in Hillsborough County is the joint­-second cheapest gateway to the Sunshine State overall—touting average flight prices in the region of just $213 round trip.

Is there a flight school in Florida?

FLIGHT SCHOOL. Phoenix East Aviation, a nationally accredited and internationally-recognized flight academy, located in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida, offers FAA approved courses for international and U.S. students planning careers as professional airline pilots and flight dispatchers. Flying airplanes is a great way to earn a living.

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