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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chatham Islands Museum worth a visit?

This small but highly interesting museum tells many fascinating stories about events and people of The Chatham Islands, with many objects and pictures to illustrate the array of historical stories. Well worth a visit. The museum is open weekdays for a few hours in the morning. It’s small and has been lovingly put together.

What can you learn about the Chatham Islands?

Much of the cultural and commercial history of the islands has been recorded, as it unfolded, and much can be learned from a tour through the local museum or a guided visit to Koping a Marae. Loads of information about the Chatham Islands, Pitt Island and many of the long-time family names.

What makes the Chathams unique in New Zealand?

The Chathams are unique in New Zealand in that there are 3 cultures of people specific to the islands. Firstly and historically are Moriori. They settled these islands over 800 years ago. Kōpinga Marae is the base for Te Imi Moriori and is adorned with carvings and artworks from contemporary Moriori artists.

What to see in Chathams?

Dating back to 1870 and built from local stone. Remnants of the old cemetery and the German Mission at Te Whakaru and nearby sites of several shipwrecks. Tribute to the last known full Moriori, this statue is a must-visit for all travellers to the Chathams.

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