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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get court records in Chatham County?

These records can also be accessed from the public access terminals located inside the Clerk’s office in the Chatham County Courthouse. Municipal and Probate Courts records can be accessed by visiting the Clerk of the Court’s office in person. The appropriate fees for purchasing court records are determined by the court holding the record.

What is the purpose of the Chatham County Clerk's office?

This office is charged with the duty of keeping and maintaining all records for the Superior Court, Eastern Judicial Circuit. Our mission is to provide quality, professional service to the citizens of Chatham County. We will protect and maintain the public’s records with the utmost integrity and trust.

What is the highest trial court in Chatham County?

The highest trial court of justice in the county is the Chatham County Superior Court located at: Chatham County has other lower courts including a State Court, a Juvenile Court, a Probate Court, a Magistrate Court and six Municipal Courts, and a Recorder's Court. Below are their addresses and contact information:

What is the crime rate in Chatham GA?

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), under its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, compiles reported crimes from all law enforcement agencies operating in the various countiesof the state. The latest collated crime data for Chatham are for 2017. In that year, the county recorded 1,347 violent crimes and 10,440 property crimes.

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