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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duty of the Clerk of court?

A court clerk is an administrative worker in the criminal and civil justice systems, providing support to judges, attorneys and other officers of the court. They manage all secretarial duties including maintaining court records, distributing orders of the court, and preparing meeting agendas.

What is the authority of the Clerk of court?

The clerk of superior court and assistant clerks, when acting as judicial officials, have the authority to punish criminal contempt and hold persons in civil contempt. G.S. 7A-103 (7) . However, this authority does not exactly mirror the authority of district or superior court judges who have broad contempt powers.

What does clerk of the court mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Court clerk. A court clerk is an officer of the court whose responsibilities include maintaining the records of a court. Another duty is to administer oaths to witnesses, jurors, and grand jurors.

Who is the Clerk of court?

The Clerk of Courts performs a wide range of duties, including record keeping, information management, and financial management for both the court system and their county. Jody Phillips is the Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts in and for Duval County, Florida.

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