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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my CNA certification?

To renew your certification, go to the Department of Community Health website and click on "Nurse Aide/Medication Aide." Next, click on "Renewal Form." You need to complete and submit this form to renew your certification. Where do I send my CNA renewal form?

How do I reactivate my CNA license in Georgia?

To reactivate your CNA certificate, you must submit a Renewal Application (CDPH 283C), making sure to check the yes box in the Reactivation section indicating that you did not meet renewal requirements. If approved, you will be sent the information needed to schedule the evaluation. How do you renew your CNA license in GA?

How long does a CNA/HHA certificate last?

The initial CNA/HHA certificate is issued for two birthdays, not two calendar years, and will expire on your birthday. Each year of the certification period will be from one birthday to the following birthday. Any additional time from the effective date until the first birthday will be counted towards the first year of the certification period.

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