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Frequently Asked Questions

What holidays are celebrated during December?

December Daily Holidays and Observances . December 1: Rosa Parks Day, World AIDS Day, Eat a Red Apple Day, National Pie Day, Giving Tuesday* (Tuesday after Thanksgiving) December 2: Special Education Day, National Mutt Day; December 3: Make a Gift Day, National Roof Over Your Head Day, Let's Hug Day, National Apple Pie Day

How many holidays in December?

December has just one federal holiday: Christmas Day. This is the only federal holiday with any religious affiliation and therefore has been contentious. In years when January 1st (New Year's Day) is on a Saturday, the holiday is observed on the preceding day (December 31st). As a result, December 2021 will have two federal holidays.

What is the national holiday for December?

National “Kiss the Cook” Day. December 26. National Candy Cane Day. December 27. National Fruitcake Day. December 28. National Box of Chocolates Day. December 29. National “Get on the Scales” Day.

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