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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BYU learning suite?

BYU Learning Suite is a Learning Management System used by many faculty at BYU. A Learning Management System allows you to access your course information (including the syllabus), communicate with your instructor and classmates, complete assignments, participate in online discussions, take exams, and other learning activities.

How do I know if learning suite is down?

PSA - you can check to see if Learning Suite is actually down or if it’s just your computer by checking BYU OIT’s twitter. They give you al the updates you’ll need there. At least learning suite shows me what's due sooner and tells me my grade at the bottom part of assigments, Canvas is a pain to navigate tbh.

How many students are in non-BYU approved housing?

(There are only 12 byu contracted housing providers now - some of those only housing 57 students ) this forces the majority of students into non-BYU approved housing (yes expanding the radius is great) people assume this will be business as usual but it wont be.

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