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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of commercial zoning?

“commercial zoning” in Business English. commercial zoning noun [ U ] uk ​ us ​ US GOVERNMENT, PROPERTY. › if a particular area of land has commercial zoning, the local government has decided it should be used mainly for businesses such as shops, offices, banks, restaurants, etc.: They may create a commercial zoning district on the casino site.

What is general business zoning?

Zoning Definition. In general, zoning is the division of an area into sub-areas, called zones. Zoning is a system of land use regulation which designates the permitted uses of land based on location. One purpose of zoning is to prevent new development from harming existing residents or businesses.

How can zoning requirements affect your business?

Zoning laws and ordinances may affect such varied issues as parking for customers, setbacks, access for deliveries, the number and types of employees permitted, and the use of signs or other forms of advertising. These ordinances have to be considered by entrepreneurs/business owners wishing to set up, expand, or relocate business establishments.

What is enterprise zoning?

Urban enterprise zone. An urban enterprise zone is an area in which policies to encourage economic growth and development are implemented. Urban enterprise zone policies generally offer tax concessions, infrastructure incentives, and reduced regulations to attract investments and private companies into the zones.

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