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Frequently Asked Questions

What is district Atlanta?

District Atlanta – District Atlanta is a Multi Room two story nightclub located in Atlanta, Georgia. Upcoming events, reserve a table for bottle service to party with your favorite DJs. In short, District Atlanta is a rhapsodic, euphonious audio/visual experience that arouses the senses and satisfies every inkling of desire.

What is the downtown area of Atlanta?

Downtown Atlanta. Downtown Atlanta is the central business district of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The largest of the city's three commercial districts, it is the location of many corporate or regional headquarters; city, county, state and federal government facilities; Georgia State University; sporting venues;

What is the underground retail district in Atlanta?

Retail. Located near the MARTA Five Points Station, Underground Atlanta is Downtown's shopping and entertainment district. During the 1920s, streets in the area were raised above the ground (and the railroad tracks) for a better flow of traffic. Under these viaducts is a district for entertainment and shopping.

What happened to downtown Atlanta in the 1970s?

Business growth in the 1970s resulted in significant development in Downtown, most notably in Peachtree Center and the Hotel District.

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