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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bruce Springsteen's statement on Clarence Clemons passing?

Rolling Stone. ^ "Bruce Springsteen's Statement on Clarence Clemons Passing: 'Loss is Immeasurable' ". Billboard. Retrieved June 20, 2011. ^ "June 19, 2011 Setlist". Retrieved December 19, 2015. ^ "Vedder Sings 'Without You' on 'Letterman' ". Rolling Stone. June 21, 2011. Retrieved October 2, 2021.

How big was Bruce Springsteen's saxophonist Clemons?

Clemons became a kind of E Street mascot during the ensuing years, his looming 6ft 4in bulk making an effective contrast with the small, hyperactive Boss onstage. His powerful sax playing lit up some of Springsteen's best-known pieces, including Badlands, The Ties That Bind, Independence Day and Bobby Jean.

Where did Springsteen and Clemons meet?

Appropriately enough, it took place just a couple blocks away from the former location of the Student Prince, which was the bar where Springsteen and Clemons first met 40 years earlier.

Is Clarence Clemons dead or still alive?

Clarence Anicholas Clemons Jr. (January 11, 1942 – June 18, 2011), also known as The Big Man, was an American musician and actor. From 1972 until his death in 2011, he was the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band . Clemons released several solo albums.

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