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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best brands of rum?

Bacardi is the most famous rum brand in the world and it is popular for making the best quality of white rum. This brand was founded in the year 1862 and it sells rum in around 150 countries of the world.

What is the best aged rum?

Aged rum benefits from a but of water or one or two ice cubes to really develop its best flavors. Just like with Bourbon or Scotch, you shouldn’t drink it at cask strength of 150 proof. Instead water it down to about 70 – 80 proof to get the best sipping experience. These rums are just like fine bottles of Cognac,...

What is the best all inclusive resort in Barbados?

Take a look at the best all-inclusive resorts in Barbados and get inspired! Sea Breeze Beach House 4.0 Christ Church Parish, Barbados. The Sea Breeze Beach Hotel is an all-inclusive property located on a quiet side street on the South Coast of Barbados. Island Inn Hotel 3.0 Bridgetown, Barbados.

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