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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flour for making bread?

Bread flour is a white flour, sometimes conditioned with ascorbic acid to help increase the volume and produce better textured bread. Bread flour has a higher protein and gluten content than plain flour, from 12 to 14 percent, making it best for yeast products.

What is the best brand of flour?

If you are looking for Cake Flour, one of the best brand is Bob’s Red Mill. They have varity of flours available with them. Following are the range they have. All purpose Baking Flour.

What brands of bread are healthy?

Whole-wheat pita bread is the healthiest type of pita bread since it’s made with whole grains and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Whole-wheat pita bread boasts a few powerful health benefits – it helps reduce your risk of cholesterol and high blood sugar.

What are some brand names of bread?

Brand names of bread include Sunbeam, Nature's Own, Merita, Pepperidge Farm, Wonder Bread, Entenmann's, Flower's Food, Sara Lee and Mother's Pride. Many name brand manufacturers also produce generic breads in the same plant.

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