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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose bodyguardz?

Our products are sleek, unobtrusive and built to last. You make BodyGuardz what it is today and we are dedicated to making sure you are treated right. We are confident you will like our products; if not, send them back for a full refund. Protection for a life worth living. Protection for a life worth living.

Can a former Secret Service agent be a pop singer's bodyguard?

A former Secret Service agent takes on the job of bodyguard to an R&B singer, whose lifestyle is most unlike a President's. A pop singer has been receiving threatening notes, and her manager hires a bodyguard known for his good work.

How does the bodyguard ruffle the singer's feathers?

The bodyguard ruffles the singer's feathers and most of her entourage by tightening security more than they feel is necessary. The bodyguard is haunted by the fact that he was on Reagan's secret service staff but wasn't there to prevent the attack by Hinckley.

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