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Frequently Asked Questions

Does acne dysmorphia cause acne?

In most cases the person suffering with acne dysmorphia does have acne, but even when the acne is very mild or even non-apparent, the person will believe that they have "horrible skin" or "terrible acne." A sufferer is usually not far from a mirror, and may obsessively and relentlessly check for imperfections. 1-2

What are the most common features of body dysmorphic disorder?

The most common features people tend to fixate about include: Face, such as nose, complexion, wrinkles, acne and other blemishes A preoccupation with your body build being too small or not muscular enough (muscle dysmorphia) occurs almost exclusively in males. Insight about body dysmorphic disorder varies.

Can body dysmorphic disorder get better on its own?

Body dysmorphic disorder usually doesn't get better on its own, and if untreated, it may get worse over time, leading to severe depression, anxiety and extensive medical bills, and may lead to suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Can cognitive behavioral therapy help with acne dysmorphia?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a proven, drug-free initial option that can help. Acne dysmorphia, put simply, is the obsessive thought that the skin is irregular or disgusting.

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