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Frequently Asked Questions

Are crossword puzzles addictive?

Crossword puzzles are addictive not only because they have the right ingredients for being entertaining and witty but because they energize the neurons in our brains that assures break-free dedication towards solving the puzzle. Crosswords can be termed addictive also because of their structure and nature of play.

What is a cross word puzzle?

Word Cross. Word Cross Puzzle is a word puzzle game for iOS and Android that promises to bring a new experience of a word game. The concept of the game is a combination of simple crossword and letter search where your job is to fill all the crossword blanks using the scrambled letters.

Where was the first crossword puzzle published?

The first crossword puzzle published, by Arthur Wynne on December 21st, 1913. On this day in 1913, exactly one hundred years ago, the first crossword puzzle was published in the New York World.

What is the best crossword app for Android?

Top 10 Best CrossWord Solver Apps and Crossword Tracker Apps for Android CodyCross - Themed Crossword Puzzles. Whoever said that crossword puzzles are boring? ... Crossword Cakes. Crossword Cakes takes on a bakery theme to add some style to the crossword world. ... Crossword Puzzle Free. ... One Clue Crossword. ... Wordalot - Picture Crossword. ... World's Biggest Crossword. ... Crossword. ... Word Search: Crossword. ... Crosswords with Friends. ... More items...

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