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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bing News Quiz?

The Bing News Quiz is a weekly quiz from Bing that tests your knowledge of recent headlines. You have 5 minutes to answer 10 questions based on the past week’s headlines. How often can I play? The Bing News Quiz begins every Thursday Morning at 8AM PT and ends at 8PM PT on Friday. What can I win? Is it really free?

What are Bing Rewards quizzes?

Launched in January of 2015, Bing Rewards quizzes were the signal we needed to continue experimenting with targeted, high-impact content experiences—78 percent of Rewards quiz takers complete quizzes, which told us that the motivation to compete was high. What we didn’t know was which topics would engage.

What's new on Bing's homepage?

In late May, we made one of the more signficant changes to our homepage since Bing launched in 2009, by transforming homepage hotspots into homepage trivia. Now when you visit, you’ll see a graduation cap icon. Hover over it, and the first question about the image of the day appears.

What can you remember from 2004?

What can you remember from 2004? By Simon Jeffery Andrew Smith, a cabinet minister, left the government in September. What was his job there? Both Sven-Goran Eriksson and the Football Association's chief executive, Mark Palios, had an affair with Faria Alam, an FA secretary, but the England manager kept his job.

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