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Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do you get for taking the Bing Weekly Quiz?

When you complete the Bing quiz, it will give 10 points to your Microsoft account. You can then use these rewards in order get something worth celebrating! Question 1: What is a blood moon?

What are the benefits of taking the Bing Weekly Quiz? offered this weekly quiz game for its users to improve their knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge. In this quiz test, most of the questions come from the recent news that helps to stay updated with everyday experiences and general knowledge.

How can you access the Bing Rewards Weekly Quiz?

If you want to play Bing Weekly Quiz, then follow these steps; Visit by any respective browser from your tablet and cell phone. On the home page of, you will get a hidden “Q” icon. Click on that icon.

How many questions are on the weekly quiz?

The quiz consists of 10 questions and it’s fun to try out how much you know about this subject. If your score isn’t high enough, come back because there are many more quizzes.

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