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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good Angel songs?

By the by, the J Geils Band one is just called Centerfold Misguided Angel by the Cowboy Junkies , Fallen Angel by Robbie Robertson , Angels by David Byrne I had two that were not on the list. I like ANGEL songs that deal in sentiments and since I really like ballads, "Send Me An Angel" by Scorpions is the winner. An angel - Kelly Family.

Can Angels inspire music?

It’s easy to see how angels could inspire music. The very concept of angelic beings creates creative opportunities that many a music artist has taken advantage of. Here are some of the best songs about angels or that use angels as a symbol of something else (often love) to inspire you.

Are there any artists whose songs speak of Angels?

There are many more artists whose songs speak of angels, but ironically they work like one too and deliver closure, warmth, happiness, and faith to the listeners. Like it?

What is a good song about a guardian angel?

Satellite by P.O.D. is a wonderful song about a loved one who has passed away and is now a guardian angel. thank you for posting this! Really appreciate it as I've been searching the internet for songs about angels recently and this provided me with some good song choices.

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