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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Beltsville news?

The Beltsville News is an all-volunteer newspaper staffed by many hardworking people in the Beltsville-Calverton area. We publish monthly and attempt to highlight local groups, schools, businesses and other events in the Beltsville Area.

How many copies of the Beltsville times are in circulation?

Our current circulation of 14,000 copies published monthly includes 10,000 mailed in the 20705 zip code and 4,000 copies available for pickup at The Beltsville Library, Community Center, Selected Stores, and Churches. We are always looking for new advertisers in our publication.

What are some good old newspapers about the Greenbelt?

Maryland Independent (Brandywine/clinton/marlton Edition) 1981 Maryland State Archives Greenbelt cooperator (Greenbelt, Md.) (from Nov. 24, 1937 to March 12, 1943) MyHeritage Greenbelt cooperator. (Greenbelt, Md.) (from Nov. 24, 1937 to March 12, 1943) Chronicling America

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