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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate a bedroom?

Place a storage ottoman under the window to hold extra bedding. Use a chest as a bedside table to gain drawer space. When it comes to organizing a small bedroom, make the most of your closet with an organizer system. And look for wall space where you can hang a bookshelf.

What is a bohemian style bedroom?

In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. So, accordingly, the bohemian style means bright colors, crazy patterns and artistic atmosphere. A bedroom such a style looks refined and very specific.

What is a cottage style bedroom?

Cottage-Style Bedroom. The result is a cheerful, sun-dappled room with furnishings that are full of character, down to the very last detail. To wit, nailhead trim bedecks an upholstered headboard and a leather ottoman, vibrant accents highlight an updated wing chair's angles, and an intricate matelasse quilt graces the bed.

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