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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BBC World Service frequency?

BBC World Service can be heard on channel 711 . Information about Freesat. BBC World Service is one of the channels available to Sky Digital subscribers, channel 0115. BBC World Service can be heard overnight, from 0100 to 0530 hours UK time, on the BBC Radio 4 frequencies 92-95 FM and 198 kHz long wave.

How reliable is BBC News?

Slightly more than six in 10 (62%) people who watched BBC News rated it highly for being “accurate and reliable” and 58% gave it a good rating for being “trustworthy” in polling conducted for Ofcom’s annual news consumption report. However, just under half (48%) rated the BBC highly for being “impartial and unbiased”.

What is the largest BBC?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the world's largest broadcasting corporation by both audience numbers and employees.

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