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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worst Battlefield game?

The worst Battlefield game, according to respondents, is Battlefield: Hardline. When I ranked the Call of Duty games, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare sat at the bottom, suggesting that newer games don't fare well.

What is the best 'Battlefield' game?

The best Battlefield game, according to 231 of over 800 respondents is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. As I've explained in previous surveys, when you poll people you create a fact. Congratulations!

Which battlefield is best?

Hailed as the best Battlefield game to date, Battlefield 2 raised the bar for not just the series, but also the FPS genre itself. It was the first Battlefield game to take place in the modern era and allows players to partake in a high-stakes war between some of the world's biggest superpowers.

What battlefield is everyone playing?

Battlefield 1’s free weekend ended, but everyone’s still playing Battlefield 1 launched back in 2016, but it only hit Steam in 2020 as part of EA’s big push to return its games to Valve’s platform. The WW1-themed take on FPS games reached an all-time record player count on Steam just a few days ago thanks to a free weekend promotion.

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