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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASMR a real thing?

ASMR is real, but not everyone can experience it. In my biggest set of over-the-ear headphones, I’m listening to an anonymous woman eat frozen chunks of ice while I try not to nod off in my favorite recliner. Listening to music while writing helps me focus, but listening to an ASMR video can sometimes be even better.

What is ASMR and why is ASMR so popular?

What Are ASMR Videos (and Why They’re So Popular) ASMR videos are a type of video that is designed to trigger what’s known as “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” In these videos, the person in front of the camera whispers or makes other sounds while doing various tasks.

What is ASMR and why are people watching it?

ASMR is commonly described as a brain-tingling feeling, and people find it very relaxing. The familiar sounds of eating (slurping, chewing) and the imagery of mukbang videos supposedly trigger ASMR for many viewers.

How to make an ASMR?

Create the content you want to see. Try to recall the ASMR triggers you’ve experienced and recreate them on camera. Odds are other people out there can relate. “Do what makes you feel relaxed,” Satori says. “I always work off of triggers and situations that have happened in my life because everybody’s different.”

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