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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Amalgamated Bank have?

Amalgamated Bank has nearly $4 billion in assets. Through its Institutional Asset Management and Custody Division, Amalgamated Bank is one of the leading providers of investment and trust services to Taft-Hartley plans in the United States. The bank oversees over $45 billion in investment advisory and custodial services.

Is American Amalgamated Bank unionized?

Amalgamated Bank (NASDAQ: AMAL) is an American financial institution. It is the largest union-owned bank and one of the only unionized banks in the United States. Amalgamated Bank is currently majority-owned by Workers United, an SEIU Affiliate.

What is the history of the Amalgamated Bank logo?

logo of the Amalgamated Bank The current logo of the bank draws from its heritage in the garment manufacturing union plus an "AB" seal from the 1960s to create a monogram "which weaves two forms together like fabric and resembles an abstract 'A' and 'B'."

What is the Amalgamated Bank of New York known for?

The bank offers personal banking, small business, commercial banking, and institutional investing services across New York City, California, Washington, D.C., and Colorado. On March 16, 1923, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America chartered the Amalgamated Bank of New York.

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