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Frequently Asked Questions

What evils does Aldous Huxley warn us about in the island?

In his last major work, the Island, the evils that Aldous Huxley has been warning us about in his earlier works - over-population, coercive politics, militarism, mechanization, the destruction of the environment and the worship of science will find their opposites in the gentle and doomed Utopia of Pala.

How did Aldous Huxley use his books?

(Woodcock,18) Aldous Huxley used his books to explore his struggles against personal tragedy and to search for the meaning of human existence. His interest in eastern philosophies and mysticism began in the early twenties with the study of Blake and Bohme.

Why did Aldous Huxley leave the island of Pala?

His fascination with eastern religion was one of the reasons he departed on a world tour in 1925. The island of Pala is probably one of the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. In Island, Huxley's portrayal of the Palanese beliefs demonstrate principles of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and Confucianism.

What is Pala by Thomas Huxley about?

Huxley's utopia and final novel, set in the fictional Buddhist Island of Pala. Pala offers psychedelic drugs ("moksha medicine") and tantric sex; but otherwise isn't much fun.

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