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How old is Aldous Harding?

Hannah Sian Topp (born 1990), known professionally as Aldous Harding, is a New Zealand folk singer-songwriter, based in Lyttleton, New Zealand. Topp comes from a musical family in Lyttelton, New Zealand: her mother is folk singer Lorina Harding. One of the first musicians who came across her was New Zealand folk-pop singer/songwriter Anika Moa.

What is Aldous Harding's new song?

^ "Aldous Harding airs new track 'Elation ' ". DIY (magazine). 27 September 2017. Retrieved 11 August 2020. ^ "Aldous Harding returns with bouncy new single, 'Old Peel ' ". 16 June 2021.

Who is Aldous Hargreeves?

With two successful musicians for parents, Aldous carries the heft of musical heritage. Her first recording was the song ‘Exactly What to Say’, which she wrote and recorded with her mother, Canadian folk singer Lorina Harding, at the tender age of 13.

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