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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adidas have a bare breast bra?

Adidas will soon debut a new sports bra line, but one of its ads doesn’t show the bra at all. Instead, Adidas tweeted a photo grid of 25 pairs of bare breasts in all their natural, diverse glory. The sports apparel company pinned the ad to its Twitter page Wednesday, under a link that connects to the bra collection for anyone who makes it that far.

What is Adidas' breasts campaign?

Sportswear brand adidas launched their new campaign this week that put women’s breasts right at the forefront — literally. On February 9, the brand released its latest campaign for its sports bra collection. The campaign showcases the breasts of 25 women in a grid with the hashtag #SupportIsEverything.

Why are Adidas adverts showing women's breasts in a grid format?

Images of the breasts of dozens of women of various skin colours, shapes and sizes in a grid format appeared on a tweet and two posters. The Advertising Standards Agency found all three versions likely to cause widespread offence. Adidas said the adverts "show just how diverse breasts are" and therefore how important the correct sports bra is.

Why is everyone talking about the new Adidas Bra ad?

Adidas is freeing the nipple in a new ad for their line of sports bras-it’s provocative and naturally, drawing lots of attention on social media for the rows and rows of breasts they are showing off. For so long women’s breasts have been a taboo topic, but it looks like the company is done with that end of the conversation.

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