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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we improve our website?

The website should optimise for mobile tablet in laptopThe homepage of this website should feel like to be attractive and valuable when the first time visitors came in your can improve your visual hierarchy. ...your website should convey a specific goal / idea when someone visit your website for first time. ...

How to add our website to the list of trusted websites?

How to Add a Website to My Trusted List Open Internet Options. Go to Security > Trusted sites. Click Sites button. Enter the website URL in the list and click the Add button. See More....

How do you make your website?

Here is a hierarchy that you can follow for designing your ecommerce website:Brand logo and name in the headerAdvanced search barNavigation menuA slider or hero imageMain contentFooter

How can I build my website?

How to make a website Sign up for a website builder plan and choose a designer template. Drag and drop design features to fit your professional needs. ...How to make an online store Sign up for a plan. ...How to make a multilingual website Start with an Elite plan or above. ...

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