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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 435i xDrive and 435i Coupe?

We have described the rear-drive, 435i coupe as an illogical purchase redeemed by its lusty engine, and the 435i xDrive falls under the same header—only with a smidge more all-weather practicality in return for a slightly higher price.

Should you buy a BMW 435i or a 4-series?

For those who need style and speed, the 435i is there, but then so is the ($450 cheaper!) four-door 435i Gran Coupe, as well as the pricier 435i convertible. Come to think of it, BMW has a 3- or 4-series for practically anyone.

How fast is a 435i on the skidpad?

Objectively, then, it would seem as though the 435i is a high performer; nearly 0.90 g on the skidpad is nothing to sniff at, nor is 4.5 seconds to 60. The letdowns are a mediocre 184-foot stop from 70 mph, as well as the xDrive’s un-BMW-like top speed that’s governed to 127 mph.

How much should you pay for a new 435i?

These prices come with the territory, however, with a similarly equipped Audi S5 (which beat the 435i in a recent comparison test) and all-wheel-drive Cadillac ATS ringing in near the same high-$50,000 range.

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