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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3m the perfect income stock?

3M Company Group is a good investment choice for the income investor with its well above-average growing dividend and a fair choice for the total return investor at this entry point. 3M Company Group will be considered for The Good Business Portfolio (My IRA account) if cash is ever available.

What is the company name "3M" stands for?

What the Company Name "3M" Stands For Today I found out what the company name "3M" stands for. While today 3M makes a variety of products from medical and office supplies to electronic circuitry, in 1902 they started out as a mining company, who, as it turned out, wasn't very good at mining. Specifically, they started out with the intention of mining the necessary types of stone for making grinding wheels and sand paper.

What is 3m trading at?

3M bonds are currently trading at $1,104.07. The bonds have a face value of $1,000, an annual coupon rate of 6.75%, and mature in 4 years.

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