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Frequently Asked Questions

How using Microsoft Office 365 can benefit your organisation?

Seven ways Office 365 can help you run your business Create a business plan with templates in Microsoft Word. ... Team management made simple with Microsoft Planner. ... Build your business budget with Microsoft Excel. ... Schedule a meeting with Microsoft Teams. ... Mobile note taking makes it easy to brainstorm on the go with Microsoft OneNote. ... Build your business financial forecast with Microsoft Excel. ... More items...

Where can you Buy Office 365?

If you want a Microsoft 365 subscription, buy it directly from Microsoft's web site. For home use, you will likely pick between Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Home. The Personal plan currently costs $70 per year and lets you install Office on 1 Mac or PC.

What is portal Office 365?

Office 365 Portal. The end user interface console for Office 365 is referred to as the “Portal”. The Portal interface for non-admins is quite simple, with only 3 tabs. One for Outlook, one for the SharePoint Team Site, and one for a general Home screen used for getting your account setup and launching the Office Web Apps.

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